UCL Final: Borussia Dortmund has the tools and head to beat Bayern Munich

Borussia Dortmund will aim to assert their recent dominance over Bayern Munich later when the teams meet at London’s Wembley Stadium. 

Prior to this season Dortmund was the leading team in Germany for the last two seasons. They did however finish 25 points behind the Bavarians this season, as the Bundesliga came to a close last week.

The transfer of Mario Götze from Dortmund to Bayern has added some spice and animosity to this fixture. It is felt that the young playmaker had sold out to join the German powerhouse.

It would be expected that if Götze was to leave the club he would choose Spain or England as a destination but not within the boundaries of his own lands. It is more of a kick in the teeth to the team that gave him his chance as he left their project to join that of the enemy.

He will not participate due to injury and that may have given his team and manager  the freedom to plan and prepare for the battle with less media and strangling attention; sad that he has therefore played his last game for the club.

On the park Dortmund has the  tools to win. Robert Lewandowski is in peak form and the striker who still might leave in the same direction as Götze at least had the respect not to announce our make negotiations public. Marco Reus will likely play the #10 role and he can win the game single handedly.

There will be interesting match ups across the park. Bayern will be strong on the flanks. If Dortmund can keep Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben quiet then they will be on a winning ticket.

There is plenty of talent in the Munich team but the psychological battle will be winning – something they have found nearly impossible to do in recent years.

In any case the neutrals will be hoping for a fast and flowing game full of excitement, opportunities and goals. What better teams than the fresh and fluent teams from Germany.

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