Anti-Doping in Australian Sports stepped up by NRL

The NRL has announced a new drug testing initiative to make the sport cleaner of performance enhancing drugs. They have introduced the Athlete Biological Passport (ABP), and thus made a commitment to a drug-free sport.

The method and way it is conducted will consist of multiple drug tests over time. The NRL advised “even if a substance has left the body, the ABP tests will detect if it was there.” advised the NRL CEO. This will mean users of drugs will no slip through the cracks.

NRL CEO Dave Smith also said “Today we make a clear statement that there is no place for drugs in our game”.

Within the initiative of ABP that has been closely developed with ASADA, there will be more testing of players and a focus on testing specific substances including peptides and human growth hormone. Test samples may also be shipped to London, England to facilities and procedures established for the London Olympics in 2012.

An excellent proactive initiative by the NRL, hopefully it is effective; paving the way for other sports to take similar steps to introduce the initiative.

It must be emphasised we need a drug-free future in sport! Children see, children do, so eliminating this ugly element will make the sport fairer and better for everyone going forward.

This has been a response to recent investigations and allegations to doping in Australian sports that included both NRL and AFL teams.

For more information refer to press release by NRL or the ASADA website.

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