Mourinho – losing his touch…

The Special One has parted company with Real Madrid by ‘mutual consent’.

It appears this is very favourable for him as he looks set to take over at former club Chelsea.

His now former club spent €18m to release Mourinho from his Inter Milan contract. Since taking over at Madrid he has spent hundreds of millions of euros trying to keep up with the smooth and homegrown Barcelona team; or call it “Project Mou”.

You would imagine if Real Madrid was a business as such it would have gone into administration – never mind that it actually is a business. They are therefore free from the monetary pressures that hamper the so-called minnows.

Real has done him a favour by not pressing the release clause worth millions in his contract that he signed only 12 months ago that would keep him in the Spanish capital till 2016. Why keep a manager who wants to leave and perhaps is not committed to the cause any longer?

Since arriving at Madrid Mou has had to play second best firstly to Pep Guardiola and more recently Tito Vilanova of Barcelona who have had the wood on him for most of his time in charge there.

This season he has become entangled in visible feuding with many of his own players including long-time goalkeeper Iker Casillas, and forward Cristiano Ronaldo. It is apparent that he had ‘lost his dressing room’.  

The victim of his own imagination he has found it difficult to keep up with the standard that is expected on and off the park at the Bernabeu.

One Copa del Rey, one La Liga and one SuperCopa are all that Real have won since he took over in 2010. If they were Atletico Madrid, then perhaps that would be acceptable; Not so for the Merengues.

Club president Florentino Perez who announced that “the time has come for us to end the relationship”, is himself to blame for the theatrics occurring at Real. Countless managers have come and gone, priorities shown including placing marketing strategy above youth development are not the best for such a rich and successful club. Watch this space as we see what happens at presidential elections in June.

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