Two words, “Robert Lewandowski” – Real’s Tormentor

Two words, “Robert Lewandoski”.

Madrid’s visit to Dortmund ended with the reality that they have to be perfect on the return leg or face extinction from this year’s Champions League competition.

The night belonged to Lewandowski who scored four goals himself against Real. Tell me the last person to do that in Europe? Is there one?

Four very different goals but all with his right foot were the difference. A real ‘number 9’ and deadly accurate, he made the night hell for Madrid captain Sergio Ramos.

His ability to shake the marker to position himself for a low volley on the back post opened the scoring; His reading of the game and after Reus shot-come-goal from the right meant he was able to turn and tuck in his second in the corner of the goal with a flick of the outside of his boot; Then a calm roll back when receiving a low ball from the left enabled him room to hit the top corner from 15 yards for goal number 3; It ended with a powerful centrally hit penalty for a foul on Reus finished the scoring on 65 minutes.

Cameo’s starred Götze, Marco Reus and Gundogan, but their playing prowess must be put down to the coaching of Jürgen Klopp. This manager has assembled and managed a team and a style that is befitting of where they stand today – one foot in the European Cup final.

It has not happened overnight; make no mistake this is planned and something they have grown to be.

The sour note is the news that both Mario Götze and Lewandowski (not confirmed) are both headed to rivals Bayern who seek world domination themselves.

So on the night it finished 4-1. Only a Ronaldo goal gives Madrid a glimmer of hope. A late Varane miss would have made it interesting, but the gods smiled down on Dortmund and their followers.

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