Murder in Munich – Bayern over Barça

FC Bayern found the net four times to nail FC Barcelona to despair and leave a gigantic mess to clean up when the teams meet again next week in the Champions League Semi second leg.

Barça had become roadkill or so it seemed as vultures fed on the carcass of the wounded animal. Was this really happening?

Bayern was sharp and played to their strengths; Lethal on the counter attack and oppressive when closing their opposition when without the ball.

The Catalan machine was not functioning; the X-Factor was not in the game. Messi should not have been on the park if not fully over his injury, and it showed. Unable to get near the goal and nowhere near his best with or without the ball – it left the machine broken and nearly motionless.

Some will say Tito Villanova should have made changes earlier. The absence of Cesc and Villa (till late in the game) made a difference as Bayern confined the team from Spain to playing in the middle third of the ground and unable to penetrate the defensive line despite more possession than the hosts.

On the other hand Muller was brilliant starting and finishing the rout. Gomez appeared offside when scoring an opportunistic goal from a corner, and after an evident obstruction on Jordi Alba during a combination play a controversial third to Robben complete the scoring.

Unfortunately the spectacle the world expected did not eventuate and the demolition leaves the return game nearly impossible for Barça.

This is football – there is no impossible!

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